Harlan Community Television, Inc.

Sun outages may be affecting your TV service.

What are Sun Outages?

Twice a year, during the spring and fall, you may experience some degree of television interference due to sun outages. Such outages are caused by a phenomenon called solar satellite interference. These brief outages occur when the sun passes directly behind satellites transmitting television signals. When the sun is aligned with a satellite, solar radiation interferes with the satellite’s signal and causes a brief outage.

When do sun outages happen and how long do they last?

Sun outages occur every year, in fall and spring, and last approximately a week each time.

What kind of outage/interference can I expect?

During a sun outage, you may experience a pixilated picture, picture freezes, or audio distortions for a brief period of time.

How can I tell if it's caused by a sun outage or something is wrong with my cable?

The sun outage happens only during the day between 11am and 5:30pm (no sun, no interference) and is brief, lasting for a few minutes—from 5 minutes up to 45 minutes.

What should I do during a sun outage?

We apologize for any inconvenience a sun outage may cause. However, solar satellite interference is out of our control. Please be patient and everything will get back to normal.

How do I notify the TV Office if I notice a channel is out?

See our Contact/Notify Us page for how to reach out to us.